All members of the seminar will be expected to observe a proper level of academic integrity and respect. This includes attending all classes, arriving punctually, participating in class discussion, and completing all reading and assignments on time. Attendance will be recorded at the beginning of each seminar. In the rare event that you have not completed preparatory reading, please let me know before the start of class. You should also read the 3BA Handbook which contains important information for final-year English students.

You should buy copies of Finkelstein & McCleery, eds. An Introduction to Book History (2nd ed.), and Peter Blayney’s The First Folio of Shakespeare. Both are on sale in the University Bookshop. You should check the Syllabus page regularly, as preparatory readings may be added during the semester. Though it is not required reading, interested students may wish to read Philip Gaskell’s A New Introduction to Bibliography. It is a comprehensive introduction to the subject from which many of the class readings are taken.

My drop-in office hours (Room 303, Tower 1) are TUE 1100-1200, THU 0900-1000, or by appointment. I also hold a digital office hour on WED 1200-1300 (email in advance to arrange contact). You are welcome to email me to schedule an appointment, clarify an assignment, or notify me in advance of absence. I will answer reasonable email enquiries, but please check this site for the information that you are seeking before sending an email. If you have missed a class or wish to discuss a grade, you should to see me in person.

Submitting essays and assignments:
Please attach a cover sheet to all assignments. Written work must be typed, double-spaced, and completed in accordance with the MLA citation style. All essays and assignments should be submitted to Turnitin on the class Blackboard site. When submitting to Blackboard, ensure the filename is in the following format: surname_assignment (e.g. smith_finalessay.doc). In addition, the BookGloss assignment should be emailed to me before class in Week 5. Continuous assessment assignments will be returned, with a provisional grade and comments, within two weeks of submission. Provisional grades for the seminar will be released after the end of the semester. Final essays will be returned with grades and comments thereafter.

Late submissions:
A penalty will be applied to any written work that is not submitted on time. Please submit overdue work to the relevant Turnitin dropbox on the class Blackboard site: do not slide copies under my office door or submit copies to the Departmental Secretary.

Extensions on assignments:
The Seminar Leader cannot grant an extension on assignment deadlines. The Head of Year will deal with non-submission of written work on a case-by-case basis, taking any written evidence of special circumstances into account.

Instances of plagiarism are subject to NUI Galway policy. If you are unsure about what constitutes plagiarism, read the English Department and NUI Galway policies or speak to me. The 3BA Handbook also contains a helpful section about plagiarism.


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